Here is our 2016 Molokai Challenge footage.
Crossing “The Channel of Bones” from the island of Molokai to Oahu (52km) can produce big swells and high winds (hence the name “Channel of Bones”), however we got the north Pacific Ocean at its flattest. I was personal training my client Earl Evans in Rushcutters Bay Park and after Earl heard about my last year’s adventures, he asked if something like Molokai was possible for him. I said “we have 26 weeks to make it happen”, so Earl jumped on a Surf Ski for the first time in his life, learnt how to balance the Surf Ski and then tried to learn the technique of power paddling. Both Earl and I work very busy schedules so our planning to make training sessions happen each week was consistently difficult. We paddled in the dark most mornings, and had some terrible weather out on the ocean. My little girl India was making my sleep patterns irregular and the training volume each week meant I had to manage tirednesses and fatigue carefully. The difficulties both Earl and I faced each week on the journey made the nearly 5 hour Molokai race seem like “a walk in the park”. Journey’s like these allow you to find your true tolerance and resilience level, and the “icing on the cake” is looking back and realising what an adventure it was and the “mate-ship” both Earl and I now have. If you are tired of doing the same type of exercise each year or looking for some adventure in your life, then I recommend finding something out there that makes you step out of your comfort zone.