A person accepts responsibility by becoming a member of Sydney Harbour Surf Club (SHSC). Membership should be seen as a privilege and all members have the responsibility of ensuring that our club retains its reputation of being a “friendly” Club. Being a club member requires each individual to adhere to all rules and guidelines of the Rose Bay and Point Piper Marina.

The objective of SHSC’s Code of Conduct is to provide a standard code of behaviour for its members and to:

  • Assist club members to understand the standards of conduct that are expected of them both at SHSC and on the Rose Bay and Point Piper Marina.
  • Promote consistently high standards of behaviour across all activities within our club and on the Rose Bay Marina.
  • Ensure the club fulfils its statutory duty to be ethical, fair and honest to its members and obligations to its employees.
  • Ensure the safety and welfare of children.
  • Ensure that SHSC is enjoyed by all members and guests.

The Code of conduct of SHSC is based on the following key categories:

SHSC seeks to operate in an open and friendly environment, where people show respect for each other, personal property and the Rose Bay Marina. Each Member should be a positive “role model” and as such, Members shall:

  • Adhere to all legislative requirements within the Marina including, but not limited to, OH&S legislation, Food Safety legislation, Anti-Tobacco legislation, Anti-Discrimination, Liquor Licensing and the Privacy Act.
  • Be responsive, courteous and empathetic in dealing with other staff members, guests and tenants of the Rose Bay and Point Piper Marina.
  • Respect SHSC and Rose Bay Marinas property by not littering, damaging or destructing anything.
  • When accessing the Marina, club members must use their FOB swipe and walk directly to the SHSC Pontoon. After Classes they are permitted to use the Café and toilet facilities only during hours of operation.
  • Must not share their FOB swipe with other members of the club or public, if they do their FOB will be confiscated and their membership will be terminated.
  • When arriving for early morning classes members must be quiet and respectful of other boat owners/tenants of the Rose Bay and Point Piper Marina.
  • When paddling in classes, members must only access the water via the SHSC launch platform and must not launch from other locations on the Rose Bay or Point Piper Marina.
  • Once SHSC paddlers are on the water they must move away from Rose Bay Marina boat clearways, allowing boat owners plenty of room to manoeuvre and park their boat.
  • Be mindful of their actions in relation to individual safety and safety of all others involved in the club.
  • Comply with and adhere to reasonable directives and requests of Club staff and officers of the club.
  • Act responsibly at all times and accept responsibility for their actions. Each member should understand the possible consequences of breaching SHSC’s rules and regulations and comply with and adhere to any penalty imposed by the Club.


Thank you
Sydney Harbour Surf Club Management