Customer Reviews

Lachlan – “I would tell them to stop just thinking about it, get in contact with Luke Horder from SHSC asap, come down to the club and do a session and it will change their life. My biggest regret with surf ski paddling is not getting into it 10 years earlier. “

Emma – “I love a challenge and paddling is actually very technical, therefore lots of things to concentrate on whilst paddling.  For that reason, it is a great stress relief as it dominates my thought processes when I am doing it and gives me a break from the background noise!”

Brad – “Give it a go and if you don’t like it, give it a second go. It can be a bit daunting at first, but it’s a great sport for fitness and getting in touch with nature, along with a great group of people. Whatever, your fitness goals, paddling is a great addition to a training routine.”

Jai – “Luke’s business model is so sound, as there was no way I would have gone and bought a ski not knowing if I could stick to coming to paddling. The concept is truly ahead of its time, with the convenience and flexibility of ski, jacket and paddle being at the ready when you are and packed away when you are done.”

Jamie – “I love that ski paddling gives you a massive work out. It is a good feeling getting off the water knowing you have had a dig and worked hard. But it is low impact, so my body isn’t sore like from running. All up a great sport I wished I had discovered earlier. A great community and Luke and the club make it easy no matter what level you are.”

Annabel – “Definitely give it a try – we are so lucky to live in a city where you can do a sport like paddling year-round, and it is so much nicer to exercise outside and with friends, rather than in a smelly gym in front of a screen! “

Kieran – “Without Luke’s club I wouldn’t be surfskiing right now.  It’s an amazing setup, so convenient.  I’ve been with Luke for 2.5 years now.  I’ve paddled a range of different skis and moved up from his most stable boat to his most tippy.”

Torie – “Love the feeling of gliding through the water and there is always a different experience in the Harbour each time I paddle.

Give it a go – best thing I have ever done!”

Angus – “No matter how hectic the day might be knowing I had that time immersed in nature, with the heart rate up, trying to master the technique, with a bunch of go-getters trying to do their own version of the same, gives me a buzz that no one can take away. I feel very lucky to be able to take this on. Come down and give it a try. The coaching, facilities and setting are all world class. You can take it as far as you want, and along the way no one takes themselves too seriously.”

Abril – “Try it. You never know what you are missing until you give it a go. You might like you might not. However, an uncountable number of benefits you can definitely get from experiencing this: making new friends, getting motivation from your team club, your coach, enjoying the sunrises (so worth it).”

Andrew – “ The challenge with getting into surf ski paddling is where do you start – skis, paddles, gear, roof racks, parking….argghh……Imagine if all of those hurdles were eliminated and all you needed to do was show up. That’s how easy it is. Stop procrastinating and give it a go. It doesn’t cost you anything to try it for a week and it will take you all of one session at SHSC to see why it’s such a fabulous way to get fit, meet people, learn a new skill and all the while doing it on arguably the best harbour in the world.”

Katie – “It’s ticks all the boxes. It’s fun, keeps you really fit and strong, it’s social and you get to paddle around the world’s finest harbour at dawn. What’s not to love about it?

Don’t be put off at first because you can’t keep up with the group. It takes time and patience and it’s not about winning. It’s about self-improvement and the satisfaction it gives you.”