Welcome to Sydney Harbour Surf Club

Sydney Harbour Surf Club is successfully encouraging more people each year to learn how to Surf Ski paddle and to live more active, healthier lives. We continue to build a sporting club atmosphere where people can exercise and socialise with other like-minded people. 

Surf Ski Paddling is the most enjoyable way to get that cardiovascular and muscular strength workout whilst out on the water. Our outdoor harbour playground is a safe, and wind protected area, creating the perfect conditions to learn the incredible sport of Surf Ski paddling. 

Surf Ski Paddling at Rose Bay and Mosman Clubhouses:

Start in our Level 1 – “Learn to Paddle” classes where we teach you the correct paddling stroke. After two classes in Level 1 if you are feeling stable then you can progress up to our Level 2 – “Flow” classes, where we keep building on your stroke technique and venture out more around the harbour. Level 2 classes are also a great opportunity to go up the surf ski models, as you start in a stable V8 surf ski and build up to the faster skis V8pro, V9, V10 Sport and V10. As you keep on progressing you can move up the class levels to Level 2.5 “Advanced Flow” where we introduce interval training, then onto Level 3 “Cardio”, Level 3.5 “Advanced Cardio”, Level 4 “Turbo” and Level 4.5 “Advanced Turbo”. 

From Level 3 classes you can start to progress towards our ocean sessions, where we teach you how to pull the surf ski down the ocean curvatures and reach speeds of up to 30km/hr. You can start in our “Intro to Ocean” classes and build to our Level 5 “Ocean Crew”, Level 5.5 “Advanced Ocean” classes and ultimately build to our Level 6 “Downwind Crew”. 

Our experienced coaching team is here to help. We will teach you the basics of Surf Ski Paddling and we get you pulling the paddle through the water using the right muscles. We minimise drag and get you stable on the Surf Ski, to maximise boat speed. As your safety is our main priority our coaches take you out as a group and bring you back as a group, so as a team we all succeed! We will encourage you to step up a surf ski model, we will constantly make sure your stroke is improving each week and ultimately we want to build you up to ocean paddling, Club races and Paddle trips.  

Here is our 10 Step Guide from taking an absolute beginner and progressing them into a competent paddler.

6 Levels of Progression

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